"Madden Cover Vote Final 4"

As predicted on SportsBlooded.com in late March here, #11 seed Patrick Willis and #6 seed Calvin Johnson have cruised to a couple of upset victories in the Madden 13 Cover Vote bracket and are now sitting in the Final Four. They have a tough road ahead of them as Willis faces #1 seed Cam Newton and Johnson faces #1 seed Aaron Rodgers.  Newton won in a landslide over Larry Fitzgerald in the previous round, grabbing 70% of the vote. It was a little tougher on Rodgers as he won by 10%, 55-45 over Ray Rice.

Both Newton and Rodgers have their work cut out for them to make it to the final round. Willis joined a bunch of ESPN outlets last week to help push fans to vote. Willis is an avid Madden player who won the Madden Bowl Tournament in 2011. Help determine who the Madden 13 Cover athlete will be by voting in the ESPN SportsNation pole here.

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