"Lebron James Game 6 Win"

This is what MVP’s do. When their team needs them and it’s win or go home, they rise up to the occasion, put their team on their back and get the W. Last night, Lebron James epitomized what it means to be an MVP. 45 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 win. The last stat is the only number that really matters for the Miami Heat as they get the critical game 6 victory, 98-79, over the Boston Celtics and return to their home court for a chance to make it to the NBA Finals.  The determination that Lebron displayed on his face last night wasn’t anything that we’ve ever seen before. If he has that same mentality when these teams meet on Saturday for the final game of the series, the Heat will be NBA Finals bound. Check out the highlights from Lebron’s masterpiece below:

Heat vs. Celtics Highlights

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